I will do bounding box polygon text polyline annotation for ai

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Are you looking for a well-rounded image and video annotator that has great attention to detail and accuracy? consider me and be one of my happy clients!

I am aproffesional data annotation expert with a solid 4+ years of experience in data annotation with startups, small and large companies such as cloudfactory Kenya, samasource, Remotasks, Crowdsurf and Near map and I feel this makes me the right person to handle your project whether it be data labelling or annotation by drawing bounding box, polygons, image tagging, image segmentation and categorization.

My main aim is clients satisfaction, quality work and in time delivery. Meeting your business goal is my top priority.

Looking forward to working with you. Place an order/contacting me to get started.

Thank you.

Requirements from user

Clear guidelines, preferred output format, and data annotation tool.