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Why Shopify Store Speed is important?

When it comes to Shopify Speed Optimization, It will help to rank higher in google search and customers usually don't stay on the website if it is taking a higher time to load So It's silly to lose these potential customers and sales especially when it's avoidable with a quick fix So Get your Shopify Speed up with my trusted Shopify speed optimization.

What you will get:

- Advanced optimization

- Best possible optimized site

- All pages optimized(homepage, all categories ETC)

- Good scores on Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix and Pingdom

- 100% functional site

- Reports before and after optimization

What will be done:

- Image optimization

- Lazy load images

- Setting properly size for images

- Optimize fonts load

- Eliminate render-blocking resources

- App analysis and old app code removal

- Minify and combine JS and CSS files

- Lazy load external scripts

- Reduce number of HTTP requests

- Async  load JS and CSS files

This is very important because most of your visitors (new customers) coming from Google.

That is why site speed optimization per Google PageSpeed Insights metrics is important

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